Microphones and cameras are unforgiving!

Any inaccuracy in the vocal and visual expression is revealed. But your intension is, to enthusiasm the audience for your program and to increase listener and viewer loyalty.

But what is the "secret" that keeps us tuned for some presenters and speakers, that we literally “turn off” at others?

How a speaker or moderator is being received by the listener or viewer, is not so much dependent on the content, as on what he or she says.
It is the breathing, voice tone, intonation and pronunciation, facial expression, gestures, body posture and movement, in short, it is the quality of personal expression that fascinates us.
Experienced speakers and presenters can make us feel their joy to communicate with us, even through a medium like radio, where the voice is the only means of communication.
So make sure, the words you say are congruent with the vocal and visual signals you send with them. Then can you be sure that your message gets across and your listener or viewer stays tuned.

Voice and body language can be trained individually, expression and impact are changeable.

You can significantly improve your personal charisma when speaking. You will succeed to create precise mood and tension using your voice and body language and captivate your audience. So that no one “turns off” after a few sentences...