What makes you a good speaker / moderator
  • You have a clear intention and a noticeable, perceptible need!
  • You have the power of imagination!
  • You are focused on your (imaginary!) listener / viewer!
  • You think and sense every word you say,
     - instead of just reading out a script (fresh meat instead of canned food!)!
     - instead of using speech stereotypes!

  • You accompany your words with attentiveness until they reach their goal and...
  • …you wait for the echo you evoke!

    At the same time:

    • your posture
         ... is upright and alert

    • your gestures and facial expression
         ... are vital, consistent with your feelings and attitudes

    • your breath
         ... is fluent and not to be heard aloud while speaking

    • your voice
         ... is clear, sonorous and tuneful

    • your articulation
         ... is clear, easy to understand and natural

    This is, how to create a lively dialogue with your listeners / viewers ...
    ... this is, what leads you to success.

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