What you can do to enhance your delivery…
You work on your muscular system – of posture, body movement, breath, voice and articulation, to achieve:

  • your posture
   ... is upright and alert

  • your gestures and facial expression
   ... are vital, consistent with your feelings and attitudes

  • your breath
   ... is fluent and not to be heard aloud while speaking

  • your voice
   ... is clear, sonorous and tuneful

  • your articulation
   ... is clear, easy to understand and natural

When you have improved all this, your power of expression is certainly stronger than it was before, your self-assurance is raised. So the chance is much higher that you will make a strong impact on the audience.

But, once you go 'on stage' and deliver your speech / your presentation, it is not sufficient to look nice, to have a sonorous voice etc.

There is still one important missing link: You must get in touch, into an emotional relationship with your audience to really reach them with what you say.

That's the 2nd (and most difficult) part of the training.

What does that mean: get into an emotional relationship with your audience?

'Emotional' derives from the Latin word 'emovere' (to move from one place to other, to make a step towards somebody). You, as the person, who wants to attract people, must be prepared to do that step towards the audience.

  • You stand in front of your audience with clear intention and a noticeable, perceptible need!
  • You are focused on your audience!
  • You think and sense every word you say!
  • You accompany your words with attentiveness until they reach their goal and...
  • you wait for the echo you evoke!

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